Social Media, lots of work but you MUST be there…

In our offices, we have many opportunities to assist small businesses with their online strategies. Websites, email campaigns, social media, ecommerce and other facets of being online are all normally part of the discussion. Clients usually  accept that they need a website and they typically see the value in email campaigns but, if we get any push-back, it is normally on the subject of Social Media.

A client once told me, “I have no interest in getting into social media. I don’t have the time and I don’t want my clients talking bad about me on the internet if something goes wrong.” While there are many things wrong with this statement, lets go over a couple of the biggest issues regarding this statement:

I don’t have time…

OK, yes, social media can take a ton of your time. Many of you have heard me warn a class about assuming social media is free due to the time it consumes. However, a client that worries about the amount of time that will be sucked up by social media is normally going about it in the wrong way. You MUST have a  strategy for social media before you get into it. Identify only the platforms your clients hang out on and focus on those. Chances are, you only have to be on two or three social media platforms to reach the majority of your clients. If you are trying to use ALL of the platforms, yes, you are wasting a lot of time. (Need help figuring out WHO is on each platform, contact us for assistance.)

Another time saver is to leverage existing content. If you are blogging, creating marketing materials, or event email campaigns, use that same content to post on your social media platforms. Many websites can be set up to auto-post your content to your social media accounts when you upload it to your site.  WordPress has this function if you use it to manage your website. Constant Contact will auto post to your social media as well.

I don’t want my clients talking bad about me…

Well, I’ve got news. Whether you are on social media or not, your clients are already talking about you. The good, bad and the ugly are being tossed around on social platforms every day. If you are not engaged, this content will float around indefinitely without the opportunity to address it.  You need to be on social media to listen to the feedback your customers are providing, promote the positive feedback and address the negative experiences being shared. If you aren’t there, how will you learn from your customers?

Using social media is a must these days. Create your strategy, manage your time with the tools you may already have and learn from your customers.  Before you know it, you will begin to wonder how you ever got along without social media!

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eDoneRight –

What if you could just type in whatever is ailing your car, click a few buttons and get a price for repair? Wait, what if you also could schedule a time to have a mechanic come to your home or workplace to do the repairs? Wait, wait! What if you could choose the mechanic and make payments online to get the repairs done?  Would that be totally cool?  Yes it would and yes it IS!

Check out   It is all the above and then some.

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Is my small business a target for hackers? Absolutely!

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Cyber security is a popular topic right now. It seems, no matter what you read about small business and cyber security, two questions tend to rise to the top.
I’m just a small business, I can’t possibly be of interest to a hacker. They just want to break into the big companies right?
The fact is, while hackers certainly would love to take down a large corporation or a government site, they can “earn” just as much money with much less effort by stringing together a series of small business hacks.You may not store the volume of data a major retailer archives daily but, your data is just as valuable on the dark web and it most likely doesn’t have sophisticated security protecting it. So, don’t assume that because you are small, you are overlooked. You may just be exactly the type of target a hacker is looking to exploit.
OK, so you’ve scared me into doing something to protect my small business, what is the first thing I should do?
In a word, education.  You should educate yourself (the owner) on what the vulnerabilities are within your company. When you start this process, you will have a tendency to focus on hardware, software and network access. These are all a very important part of the picture but any cyber security expert will tell you, the weakest link in any defensive strategy is the human. Learn what you should and should not be doing online. Figure out where you are most likely to face a possible attack and make sure the employee(s) on the front lines understand how to identify a threat and avoid enabling the attack.  Train yourself and your staff how to identify malware, phishing and spoofing. (If you don’t know what these are, that is a bad sign!)  Continue to train and monitor your behaviors and don’t let up. Hackers never take a day off and they are extremely creative.
There are so many topics surrounding cyber security and protecting your business. These two items don’t even scratch the surface but, they are a good place to start
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