eDoneWrong – Weather.com: Always a bad weather day

Our first entry for “eDoneWrong” goes to a very popular website, Weather.com. No, I didn’t activate the link because you either know about the site or I’m going to save you the agony. This website has managed to take something we, as humans, like to track, talk about, admire and fear (namely, the weather) and monetize it literally to death. As in, when you try to pull the site up, it either dies in your browser or locks up your phone.

The ads and overkill-user-interface chokes nearly any device we have ever used to access it. On the odd occasion the site does come up, you are force fed so many advertisements, it’s hard to find the weather at all. If you find your forecast and decide to watch a few interesting looking videos, be prepared to watch a commercial first.  Want to watch two videos? Two commercials.  THE SAME COMMERCIAL! You would think if the Weather.com website is so popular with advertisers, there would be multiple ads to show and we could at least get a variety as we peruse the video stories of the day. Nope, same ad, every time.

So with all this advertising and all the traffic they pull in, the content must be pretty good, right?  It must be fairly reliable, wouldn’t you think?  I’ve literally set in the rain for nearly an hour and never had the storm show up on Weather.com radar.  We know forecasting is pretty inaccurate no matter where you get your reports but a digital representation of current weather conditions taken from high-end equipment without human interference should be fairly easy.  Nope, don’t count on Weather.com to keep you dry.  The radar seems to be at least an hour behind real-time. That is, if you can get the site to come up at all.

Many of the things we emphasize with companies building web strategies is to be useful. Be part of the community. Be the resource that everyone goes to for answers.  Make your content easy to find and friendly to internalize. Don’t over-design your site with technology and capabilities just because you can. You may leave behind a large percentage of your target market. All of these things, we pass along to our fellow designers and clients and most of them get it.  What a shame, Weather.com can’t apply the same advice and get “eDoneRight” instead of “eDoneWrong.”

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Is ANY content truly unique anymore?

Here we are, churning out more content. As this post is being written there are literally millions of other human beings out there writing and creating content to add to our ever expanding archive of humanity.  So one has to wonder, “Can I actually write something that has not been written before?”  We all would like to think we are uniquely brilliant in our creativity but, chances are, we are not.

So, how do we find out if our writing is unique? There are tools for this on the web.  Unless you have ever been scrutinized for an academic paper due to it’s similarities to past works or, you are a regular writer, you probably didn’t realize you could dump your text into a website and see if it resembles other content.  Well, you can and one of them is called, PaperRater.com.  There are many tools like it (Oh, the irony!) so, you may want to run a few tests on different sites, just to be sure of your originality.  As a bonus, most of these tools will also check spelling and grammar usage.

Another good test to put your prose through is to determine what reading level the audience should have to find your text easy to understand.  Check out Hemingwayapp.com to get an instant score on your work.

In case you are interested, this post is readable at a 6th grade level. (Perfect for general consumption.) A few sentences were labeled as “difficult” and it was rated 100% genuine.  Hmmm, a truly unique piece of work IS still possible!

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It must be a sign…

OK, normally you would find a more substantial amount of content in one of our posts but while out and about in our circles of work, a church sign had the saying below displayed.  It wasn’t necessarily earth shattering nor was it anything that hasn’t been published before but, it just seemed to resonate that day so, here’s hoping it means something to you.

“If it does not challenge you, it will not change you.”


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