‘Mobilegeddon’ – Google’s latest gotcha? or Just more progress?

So, yesterday you pulled up Google on your mobile device, searched for a site and found it with ease.  Today, same device, same search, no site. What happened.  Google Gotcha!

If you have been monitoring any tech news lately you’ve probably heard of “mobilegeddon.”  This is the term the media is giving a Google driven effort to force all web content to be mobile friendly.  Mainly because it sounds dramatic and sells ad space but also because if you don’t have a website that meets Google’s criteria for mobile friendliness, your site will stop appearing on the SERPs or search engine results pages of mobile devices.

No worries, I mean who uses mobile devices these days?  It can’t be that big of an impact on your site traffic right?  Well, the fact is, most web browsing these days is done on a mobile device so, it can be a big deal.

Over 65% of the search market runs through Google and they want sites to be quick and easy for users to navigate on mobile devices.  Therefore, we must bow to the request or lose a large portion of our site traffic.  Google Gotcha!

But wait, shouldn’t we want our sites to be quick, responsive and easy to use?  Would you keep mindlessly dropping hours of your day into Facebook, Amazon or ebay if they didn’t work well with your phone or tablet?  Probably not.  So maybe it isn’t so much a Google Gotcha as it is a wake up call.  If your site isn’t meeting the basic requirements to be successfully viewed on mobile devices, you need an upgrade, and fast!

Of course, the web designers are just loving all this “forced” updating because some of you may only need a few tweaks to meet the minimum requirements but, many of you need complete upgrades to get back in the game. Just listen to those cash registers ring!

Want to test your site and get a rough idea of what it might take to get mobile friendly? Go to Google’s “Mobile Friendly Test” page and type in your URL.  You will get a thumbs up and congratulations or a red light and a list of the minimum requirements to be fixed.  From there you can contact your personal web designer or try fixing it yourself.  (WordPress is a great, easy upgrade to get you back on track.)

So, if Google Gotcha, do the test, get the to-do list and get back in the game!

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