Quick, Google is on the phone…Not

Google is calling to let you know that your business listing has not been claimed and you better claim it before someone else does. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Has this happened to you? There are some scammers out there trying to get you to part ways with some of your hard earned cash so be careful. Google is NOT going to call you to sell anything. Period. Here at our offices we get calls all the time from scammers like this. (If I have time, I don’t mind playing around with them a bit. It can be fun and educational… for a geek I guess!)  However, never has one of these calls been legitimate. We work directly with a few Google representatives on specific projects but even in this case, we are normally conversing via email or Google Hangouts.

So what is this scam all about? Well, there is a program called GYBO or, Get Your Business Online that teaches businesses how to use Google’s tool for local listings and appear in the local search engine results when someone searches by city, zip, location, etc.  If you didn’t know it, a large percentage of searches are “localized” and represent a huge potential for your company.  Google has free workshops across the country that teach businesses how to use localized listing to their advantage. It’s FREE!  It costs you nothing, so why pay some scammer a single penny to do what will take you about 15 minutes on your own or about an hour if you go to Google’s full blown class? Scammers are using this free portal and the buzz surrounding local listings to make money off unknowing business owners. Don’t fall for it.

If you are working on a new website or sprucing up your old site, you need to be sure you are optimizing for local search and then apply the Google GYBO program when you are finished to get the most impact from your efforts. Don’t fall victim to a scam, do it yourself.  Here is the link to get started:


Need help? Just email your question.  We will help and NOT rip you off.  Well, better sign off for now… I hear the phone ringing… maybe it’s Google!

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