eDoneRight – RangerUp.com and Strategic Social Media Marketing

RangeUp.com is a virtual veteran’s paradise for attire with attitude.  The website is not only gritty but on point with it’s design and product mix, it also does an excellent job keeping up with the viewpoints of the military community (it’s primary audience.)

One could also say, it is just another retail site selling t-shirts. True, the site does nothing flashy, it doesn’t incorporate any fancy technology and you might even find the navigation a bit clunky but again, I point you to the audience.   As a veteran myself, I think it fits the intended user just fine.  The website is just part of the story here however, RangerUp.com is more of a product of the insights uncovered from constant social media campaigns than a singularly executed online battle plan.

Social media at RangerUp is more than marketing, it’s customer driven real-time research.  RangerUp regularly floats new ideas to it’s customer base using social media.  The ideas that get the most response become full-time products. Many customers follow Facebook and Instagram posts from RangerUp staffers so they can not only dictate product development but also be first on the list when a new item comes out of production.

According to a story by Internet Retailer, Ranger Up recorded an estimated $3.26 million in on line sales in 2014.  The owner, Nick Palmisciano stressed the need to entertain and inform your client base in a recent on-stage demonstration of the company’s social media strategy.  Palmisciano expressed how important it is that the customer gets good value from the content, whether it’s a newsworthy post, an informative tweet or a politically charged jab at the dysfunctional government programs falling short for fellow veterans. RangerUp not only provides products that appeal to veterans and those who support vets but the company also prides itself in keeping it’s followers informed.  And that is a great strategy to sell product.


The founder of Small Business Right, Earl has owned multiple small ventures. He has experience in retail/wholesale, ecommerce, business technology, cybersecurity, business operations, mentoring and all-things small business. Over two decades of entrepreneurial experience has allowed many opportunities to share and learn about business operations in many industries and assist businesses from idea validation to succession.

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