Not-Coms are becoming more popular. Ask

If you run the circles of geekdom you already know there are a lot of new top level domains available to work with when choosing a URL these days. In the past, we would tell clients, “If you can’t get the .com, keep looking.” Well the .com, .net, .org, .biz and so on, are still at the top of the food chain when it comes to URLs but the world is starting to adjust and get creative with some of the new “not-coms.”

not.comThe next time you are searching for a creative URL, consider some of these new extensions:

.clothing    .life    .toys

.baby    .digital    .coffee

.cafe     .boutique    .gifts

.florist    .club    .auto

.bargains    .photography

The list seems to go on forever but, the possibilities can be intriguing.  Just ask a small company that was just recently formed. You may have seen the headlines.  Alphabet was recently announced as the new name for the parent company that will be the owner of Google (and all the other properties cooked up by Larry Page and Sergey Brin). When they chose their new URL, it was a not-com…

Before you make the leap however, you may want to consider that the average user is programmed to follow most anything with .com when randomly searching.  Add to that the entrenchment of “.com” keys on mobile keyboards.  If you get creative and the user has to thumb-in your extra-long not-com, they may just pass you by for another site.  Yep, web users are that lazy!

So, just balance out the cool factor with the user friendliness and consider how you might apply the new not-coms.

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