Does it Matter? 74% of customers complain online because…

Social media is great! Social media sucks! Depending on which end of the last comment session you are on, you will agree with one of those two statements. According to a recent article by Tad Nikolich in Internet Retailer, 74% of customers surveyed believe that criticizing a brand in social media results in better customer service. That is a pretty large group with high expectations!  You bet this matters.

Tad listed the following steps you can take to meet these expectations:

  • Be clear on your response window – Don’t tell clients you will contact them within 24 hours if you can’t deliver.
  • Empower your peeps – Assuming you are more than a one person operation, allow those customer-facing individuals some leeway to solve customer challenges
  • Project a consistent image – If you are going to be straight-laced and highly professional, don’t allow the phone staff to get too loose with their approach with customers.
  • Show some respect – Nothing will turn a rough situation into a disaster faster than you taking two days to respond to a simple request for clarification.
  • Monitor your surroundings – You can’t respond to a comment on social media if you don’t know it exists so, incorporate tools like, Google Alerts, or Hootsuite to listen to the web for content about your company and/or your product.
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