Social Media Online Marketing Tools for Small Business

Untitled designOnline marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing are all topics that are very popular these days but, what is the end-game for all of this marketing effort? How do you know what you are doing is working? How do you figure out what to do before you spend hours at the keyboard?  Well, here are a few tools to help you with all those questions.

BuzzSumo – Want to see who is getting the most “buzz” for their efforts, use this tool to type in a topic and see who has the most shared and talked about content on the social media platforms.

Mention – This pay-for-play tool will help you monitor just about any topic you wish to follow. Think of it as Google Alerts on steroids (and not free.)

Socedo – So, what if you could type in a few keywords, social media handles and hashtags and have all the people on the primary social networks that match this combination come up on your screen?  Then, what if you could reach out to each of them with a few clicks of a mouse?  Cool, right? Well, Socedo might not be that simple but the concept they offer is really intriguing.

Canva – Stop putting out boring, text only posts. Use Canva to add graphics, pictures and other eye-catching effects to your social media content.

Auto Send – This tool sends marketing content via email to users of your site when they complete or reach certain milestones you can set. Think carrot-and-stick marketing!

Oktopost – Social media meets strategy. Oktopost not only allows you to schedule posts across multiple platforms but also gives you the ability to strategically time those postings to maximize exposure. It’s like drip campaigns that use analytics to be where the customer will be at the time they will be there. (read that last sentence again slowly!)

No tool is a substitute for strategic thinking and applying logic and common sense but, some of these tools can certainly increase your odds of being successful with your next social media marketing campaign.


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