Entrepreneurship is hard – Learn to de-stress

Many of us have quit our jobs or left careers because they were stressing us out.  Entrepreneurship seemed so peaceful, controllable and rewarding that it had to be a better alternative. Well, unless you found a mentor early in your path to business ownership, you are finding out the hard way just how stressful it can be to hold down the position of captain, cook, and crew.  Here are a few simple things you can do to ease the stress of day-to-day operations:
  • Exercise – Good for many reasons, this gives your body the attention it needs to free your mind to be more effective.
  • Prepare – Take time on Fridays to prepare for the upcoming weeks’ schedule then, review the next day’s schedule just before leaving each evening.
  • Sleep – Your mind gets tired and less effective the more you push yourself to squeeze every minute out of every day.  Rest will help reset your creativity.
  • Disconnect – The world will continue to spin if you turn off your phone, go for a walk or, dare we say, take a day off!  If the business cannot survive with you being absent for a period of time, there are bigger problems lurking about.
  • Set Goals Outside of Work – Reward yourself with little incentives or pick a passion you want to pursue like playing guitar or planting a garden.
  • Spend time with Family – Reset your priorities by staying grounded in what truly matters. The stress created by everything else will be put into perspective.
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