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Badass Beard Care – badassbeardcare.com

So, how can you NOT go check out a site with a name like Badass Beard Care? Just the URL is enough to get it a mention but, the site holds your attention when you arrive.  You will also notice the company is Veteran Owned which makes it a definite eBizNut favorite!

The site does a fine job of maintaining attitude while presenting products in an easy-to-find layout and an appealing decor. When I say appealing, you don’t have to look like a member of ZZ Top to feel comfortable here, even a lady who just wants to make her man feel the love for his facial locks will find the site inviting.

Product selection is more than what you would expect from something as “simple” as beard care with a mix of products from hygiene to fashion statement. Every guy with even a single hair on his chin would be proud to wear a “Don’t Fear the Beard” t-shirt.

Go check out the site, if you don’t have a fuzzy face now, you might find a few good reasons to skip shaving tomorrow morning.


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